Past SBAR Educator Partnerships

Between 2018 and 2022, the SBAR Education Team partnered with classroom teachers and after school program staff to design and develop lessons, tutorials, and interactive activities that engage students in exploring relevant topics. We worked with 12 educators and 19 graduate students to create activities, lessons, career interview videos, and lesson tutorials for educators. SBAR educator mentors, all middle school science teachers, co-created and tested all materials in their classrooms.

All of the educational resources (lessons, activities, and informal science) generated through this process are available on our website.
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Teacher Alumni

Wilma Amaro

Pueblo High School, Arizona

Valentina "Tina" Andrew

Saguaro National Park Environmental Education, Arizona

Cathy Bradley

Sierra Middle School, New Mexico

Jaime Camero

Walter Douglas Elementary School, Arizona

Alan Daugherty

Melrose Municipal Schools, New Mexico

Priscilla Fischback

Apollo Middle School, Arizona

Nacona Grijalva

Mesa Middle School, New Mexico

Felecia Hinton-Causey

Santa Rosa Ranch School, Tohono O'odham Nation, Sells, Arizona

Traci Klein

Valencia Middle School, Arizona

Tracie Mikesell

Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy, New Mexico

Margaret Strand

Camino Real Middle School, New Mexico

Melissa Wilburn

Quail Run Elementary School, Arizona