Lesson Plans

SBAR Lesson Plans were collaboratively created by educators, graduate fellows and SBAR staff. Where noted, some of the following are adaptations of previously published lessons. We look forward to educators using these lessons in their own communities and contexts.

Agriculture in Arid Regions PowerPoint

Agriculture in Arid Regions: An Introduction

Author: Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas, Melissa Wilburn, and Corey Knox

Subject/Class: Science

Grade Level: 6-8th grade

Summary: In this lesson, students are introduced to the importance of agriculture in Arizona and the factors that influence what crops are grown and the resources involved (water). Students participate in activities and discussions related to choices and factors that must be considered from both an economic and environmental perspective related to land use and agriculture.

Lesson Components

Guayule in a Bottle PowerPoint

Guayule in a Bottle

Adapted from Teaching Engineering: Biodomes Engineering Design Project teachengineering.org

Author: Holly Barton, M.S., and Priscilla Fischback

Subject: Science, engineering

Grades: 6-8th grade

Summary: In this one to two week lesson, students conduct an experiment comparing a high water use seed/seedling and a low water/drought-resistant plant (Guayule).  Other low water use plants can be used in place of Guayule if it isn’t available.  Through this experiment, students make connections to water use and sustainable agriculture in arid lands.

Lesson Components