Our Goals

Guar Research

Our mission is to build a sustainable bio-economy for arid regions to improve quality of life in rural communities and Native Nations.

We will achieve this mission by:

  • Optimizing the production of guar and guayule crops as a viable source of biofuel and bioproducts in the arid regions of the Southwest, which includes areas within Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas;
  • Engaging growers, producers, and multiple industries in new crop production for guayule and guar and future high-value co-products within the region;
  • Training the next generation of scientists, agriculture producers, and researchers to accept and generate jobs in the biofuel and bioproduct fields.

“We are working to develop a better bio-economy in the Southwest, and it is important to grow the plants that are adapted to this region instead of things that need a lot of water and fertilizer to do well. It is ultimately better to grow desert plants in the desert, especially if they are commercially viable and can be solution multipliers.”
~ Dr. Kimberly Ogden, SBAR Principle Investigator, University of Arizona.


“Water shortages will be a part of our future. It is vital that we provide attractive, low water-use crops for a healthy bio-economy.”
~ Bob White, Plant Manager at Bridgestone Americas Inc., Biorubber Processing Research Center (BPRC)


“Agricultural systems are facing challenges in New Mexico and the Southwest, with many farmers seeking alternative crops. Guayule and guar can serve as alternative rotation crops that can help maintain and improve farm profitability.”
~ Dr. John Idowu, New Mexico State University