With funding and support from USDA-NIFA, SBAR, an integrated research and extension Center of Excellence, aims to address the Southwest need for domestic bioproduct and biofuel production.

Research focuses on two plant species, guayule and guar, as viable options for the arid southwest and includes the following focal areas; feedstock development, feedstock production and co-products, and feasibility pathways for delivery, transport and ultimately commercialization.

Utilizing a strategic systems approach, research and extension faculty across five institutions, government, and industry work collaboratively to provide the knowledge, skills, tools and awareness that growers need to make informed decisions about crops grown for biofuel and bioproducts.

Successful research outcomes include the deployment of guayule and guar field production in the Southwestern U.S. at a scale that significantly impacts biofuel and other high-value bioproduct markets in the near future.

Research Principal Investigators