Alan Daugherty

Melrose Municipal Schools, New Mexico

  • Melrose Municipal Schools, New Mexico

Alan Daugherty is the Science teacher for Melrose Junior High and High School in Melrose, New Mexico. Over the past 25 years he has taught courses in General Science, Earth Science, Biology, Advanced Biology, Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Science Technology, and Agricultural Science, as well as numerous other special topic courses for students over the years based upon their individual needs. While working in this small rural school, Alan also directs a Science Club, has been involved in coaching, manages the school's concession stand at ballgames, and drives a school bus route. Alan's agricultural background, from his youth growing up on the family ranch, to his several years as working as an Agriculture Teacher and FFA Advisor in Yuma, Arizona, has helped him in many of his projects and activities with his students. A strong believer in 'hands on' education, Mr. Daugherty has proven that he is willing to work with and for his students to further their educational abilities and meet their goals in life.