Leadership Team

SBAR Leadership Team

The SBAR Project is under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Ogden, Lead Principal Investigator and Executive Project Director, who leads the overall research effort and ensures adequate progress toward meeting goals.

Within the Executive Team, Dr. Ogden is supported by Alix Rogstad, M.S., Project Director of Operations, who oversees operations and manages day-to-day project administration, communications, and business affairs; and by Dr. Colleen McMahan, Associate Project Director, who provides scientific expertise and facilitates project personnel management.

SBAR is organized into five components: Feedstock Development & Production, Characterizations & Co-Products, System Performance & Sustainability, Education, and Extension & Outreach. Each component has a designated lead Principal Investigator, who provides oversight and guidance to a robust and dispersed team in working to achieve the project goals and objectives.

An SBAR Leadership Team, comprised of the Executive Team and the five component leaders and assistants, meets regularly to provide the strategic leadership that steers the SBAR work. The Leadership Team also receives guidance from an External Advisory Board, comprised of representative stakeholders from agriculture, industry, Tribal, non-profit, and government entities. The External Advisory Board meets quarterly with the SBAR Leadership Team so that the research is responsive to external changes in priorities.