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SBAR Education has identified five themes that connect to many classroom STEM topics such as climate change, water, soil science, hands-on labs, and careers. Explore these five themes and educational resources and read about how SBAR Education can partner with classrooms and educators

Intro to Arid Lands Framework

Our goal is to address the uniqueness of our arid region, explore the human-environmental interactions, and learn how people have historically survived by harvesting, growing, and creating systems to provide food and protection.

We interpret the SBAR research and extension activities to create engaging lessons and learning activities for secondary school classrooms. These lessons will challenge students to learn about the science and economies behind innovative energy solutions that could shape arid lands farming of the Southwest.

We work with our educator partners to uncover the ancestral expertise of agriculture in the Southwest and how this knowledge could inform agricultural practices for our farmers that could lead to new crop economies.



Principal Investigators

Catherine E. Brewer

New Mexico State University

Principal Investigator

Sara Chavarria

University of Arizona

Principal Investigator

Kimberly Ogden

University of Arizona

Principal Investigator