Growers and Producers


Questions and concerns that growers face related to guar and guayule field crop conversion (e.g., cost, market, agricultural practices, pest management, and water usage) must be answered to facilitate and build a sustainable bioeconomy that includes the production of these new crops.

What We Do

Through a variety of stakeholder engagement tools, the SBAR Team gauges grower perceptions on a broad scale, using information gained to inform research priorities and serve as the foundation for stakeholder guidance documents and resources.

The SBAR Team also conducts field-scale demonstrations to inform growers and other stakeholder audiences. Successful engagement will lead to measurable change in production acres of guar and guayule in the Southwestern U.S. at a scale that impacts biofuel and other high-value bioproduct markets in the near future.

Key Areas of Interest

Photo Credits

Photos on these pages are courtesy of Alix Rogstad, John Idowu, Kulbhushan Grover, Sudhir Singla, Dennis Ray