Jaime Camero

Walter Douglas Elementary School, Arizona

  • Walter Douglas Elementary School, Arizona

Jaime Camero is a sixth grade Science teacher in Flowing Wells School District, Tucson, Arizona. She earned her Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from New Mexico State University in 2004, and has been teaching for sixteen years. She currently serves as the Science Coach at her school site and a mentor to new teachers. SBAR programs in her classroom have included tree ring analysis, planting native seed gardens, extracting oil from seeds for energy analysis, and growing guar and guayule in classroom planters to analyze water consumption. Currently her units have expanded into colonization of Mars using guar in an agricultural experiment to add nitrates to the soil to grow a group of plants that might serve to enhance an artificial atmosphere on another planet. She says that while SBAR has enhanced her classroom instruction of climate change and use of native plants, she believes that she has been most positively impacted by the partnership with her UA Fellow as a science expert in her classroom.