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SBAR Career Exploration Playlist

Career Exploration YouTube playlist

Learn more about careers in the fields of sustainability and bioeconomies in these interviews with researchers, students and extension agents working on SBAR.

Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions in the Classroom, Jaime Camero

SBAR Ecological Sampling Activity, Melissa Wilburn & Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas


SBAR 4-H Biofuel Summer Camp Video

An overview video of activities undertaken during the SBAR 4-H Biofuel Summer Camp hosted at the University of Arizona in 2018.

SBAR Teacher + Fellow Partnerships: Educating for the Future

SBAR Guardians of the Biosphere

New Mexico science educators Cathy Bradley and Tracie Mikesell created an after-school science club based on curriculum developed for the SBAR program. The club is called Guardians of the Biosphere (GOB).

Presentation at the Sky Bar, Ashton Leo

Ashton' Leo's SBAR Science Talk on March 14, 2019.

Guar as an Alternative Crop [English] Dr. Laura Rodriguez-Uribe


Guar as an Alternative Crop [Spanish] Dr. Laura Rodriguez-Uribe


Guar for Eastern New Mexico, Dr. John Idowu

Extension Agronomist, John Idowu, provides an overview of guar as a potential alternative crop. A presentation provided at the 2020 Virtual Field Day at the NMSU Rex E. Kirksy Agricultural Science Center, Tucumcari, New Mexico.

Guar Harvesting Combine in Action

Guar can easily be harvested using existing farm equipment. A short video describes how the harvesting process works at the NMSU Agricultural Science Center in Clovis, NM.


Guayule as an Alternative Crop [English] Dr. Laura Rodriguez-Uribe


Guayule as an Alternative Crop [Spanish] Dr. Laura Rodriguez-Uribe


Dr. Bill McCloskey: Controlling Weeds During Guayule Establishment 10/15/2020

Extension Weed Specialist, Bill McCloskey, describes weed control challenges and strategies to optimize growth of guayule seedlings in various cropping situations.

Trent Teegerstrom: Enterprise Budgets & the Whole Farm Analysis Tool 10/15/2020

Associate Director for Tribal Extension Programs and Agricultural Economics Specialist, Trent Teegerstrom, explains the Enterprise Budgets and Whole Farm Analysis Tools, which allow producers to analyze the financial impact of adopting new crops into their operations.