Hussein Abdel-Haleem

USDA-Agricultural Research Service

Principal Investigator

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Haleem graduated from Montana State University with a Ph.D. degree in Plant Science and Plant Genetics. Before joining USDA-ARS, he was an Assistant Research Scientist at University of Georgia, working on genetic improvement of soybean. In 2015, he joined the U.S. Arid Land agricultural Research Center (ALARC), USDA-ARS as a Research Geneticist. Dr. Abdel-Haleem’s research program focuses on the improvement of industrial oils, biofuels and natural rubber crops, with emphasis on using conventional and molecular breeding methodologies involved in these crops, utilizing high-throughput phenotyping and genotyping technologies, and developing genomic technologies to identify genes controlling abiotic stress resistance and yield traits in an effort to improve stress tolerance and yield under stress conditions, and improving suitability of these crops. He is the coordinator of Western Regional Biomass Research Center, which is a network of existing ARS facilities and scientists located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.

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