4-H Camps and Curriculum

4-H STEM YOUniversity Bioenergy Camp

The SBAR 4-H partners developed a bioenergy camp curriculum involving a series of age-appropriate bioenergy activities and teaching modules. In this camp, students learned about biofuels and their importance with hands-on experiments such as creating biodiesel, sustainability, alternative biofuels, and learning about energy. Students also learned about differences in our current fuels, how we will fuel the future, and future careers related to creating and working with biofuels.


Students explore bioenergy concepts in the laboratory

Youth participated in a number of highly engaging and appropriate hands-on activities selected for inclusion in a week-long summer camp in 2018. Additional activities were modified and new activities were created to supplement the camp curriculum.

The selected curriculum materials, activities, topics, and projects were utilized to engage a diverse group of youth participants at the Biofuels 4-H Summer Camp hosted at the University of Arizona in July 2018. Portions of the curriculum were used during the day-long camps on the Navajo Nation and in Doña Ana County, New Mexico in August 2018.

SBAR 4-H Biofuel Summer Camp Video


Greenhouse, Sustainable Energy and Engineering Design Camp

The University of Arizona held the Greenhouse Sustainable Energy and Engineering Design (SEED) Project in 2019. Participants designed and built their own model greenhouses based on cutting edge environmental and sustainability science and using design and engineering principles focused on our arid region climate.

Model Greenhouse

Arizona 4-H youth building a model greenhouse

Guar Giant Bubble Workshop

The SBAR New Mexico Team hosted a guar giant bubble workshop for middle school youth (aged 12-13 years) at the 4-H Youth Get Away 2019 in Glorieta, New Mexico. During the workshop, students had fun making giant bubbles, learned the science behind how bubbles work, what bubbles are made of, and gained a better understanding of how components of a bubble mixture contribute to its shape, color, size, and longevity.

The workshop was about one hour consisting of an introduction to bubbles, a hands-on giant bubble activity, and a follow-up discussion with participants about what they learned.

Guar Giant Bubble Workshop

Students playing with guar bubbles in Glorieta, New Mexico.

Guar and Guayule Antioxidant Activity

The SBAR New Mexico Team developed a youth workshop in collaboration with New Mexico State University Doña Ana County Cooperative Extension Service hosted in April 2020. Students participating in this workshop learned why and how plants can be used to prevent and treat diseases. They prepared extracts from guar seeds and guayule leaves rich in antioxidants, and tested their antioxidant activities on the stable free radical 2,2 Diphenyl-1 picrylhydrazyl (DPPH).

Students preparing extracts from guar seeds and guayule leaves.jpeg

Students preparing extracts from guar seeds and guayule leaves.

Guar-dians of the Biosphere

Guar-dians of the Biosphere (GOB) is a multi-lesson experience focused on sustainable bioeconomies. Hands-on learning, critical thinking, and science skills are heavily featured in this curriculum.

New Mexico science educators Cathy Bradley and Tracie Mikesell created an after-school science club based on curriculum developed for the SBAR program. The club is called Guardians of the Biosphere (GOB).

Discover Arizona Arid Lands

SBAR curriculum features an engaging set of lessons that explore the Ecology, Culture, and Agriculture of Arizona from historical, contemporary, and sustainability perspectives. In addition to the hands-on learning experiences, the curriculum provides a guidance for activities for a variety of learning environments. Find lessons and video content on our SBAR Lesson Plans webpage: