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SBAR-FFA Activity Plans were created by scientists and SBAR staff to highlight SBAR-related science contexts. These activities are intended for use by youth leaders and include a variety of supplemental pieces to help convey the science behind everyday tasks.

Separation of a Mixture Title Slide

Separation of a Mixture

Author: Laura Rodriguez-Uribe, Ph.D.

Subject: Science, Chemistry

Approximate Grade Level: 9th and above

Summary: The physical properties of matter are useful to separate molecules from each other. In this activity, students develop a method to separate a mixture of four substances with different physical properties and calculate each substance's percent recovery after separation. Students are introduced to guar and guayule - two crops that produce plant compounds (mixtures) essential to the food, pharmaceutical, and tire industries. Students are also introduced to the technology used to separate important compounds from guar and guayule.

Activity Components: