Virtual SBAR

Nov. 2, 2020

The SBAR Education, Extension and Outreach Team is embracing virtual working sessions!

To support the SBAR Educators, SBAR Fellows, 4-H Volunteers, Students, and regional Agricultural Producers during the pandemic, we are safely engaging via online platforms. A virtual mini retreat was hosted for the Team in mid-October, which focused on finalizing plans to further develop the SBAR website to provide more interactive learning opportunities for our stakeholders.

The mini retreat brought together researchers, students, and educators from Arizona and New Mexico to talk through what works and what new content is needed. The virtual format allowed groups to work together in breakout sessions with the Education, Youth Development and Extension Teams from both states. While we missed the in-person contact, we shared photos, video, and website ideas through Zoom. The next SBAR EEO Retreat will take place in December when we will continue developing and refining materials to share on the website.

For community-focused information and tools available, check out the following: 

Coming Soon!

  • Youth Development 4-H activity kits.
  • Extension Guayule Field Day Outcomes