Pragnya Eranki

Colorado School of Mines

  • Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Pragnya Eranki is Research Faculty in Civil & Environmental Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. She is an expert in life cycle assessment (LCA) and sustainability. Her research focus is conducting sustainability analyses in the areas of bioproducts, conventional and renewable energy, agriculture, and industrial products. She employs modeling and LCA as tools to assess the environmental performance of products and systems, in order to identify hotspots and provide solutions to minimize detrimental impacts. Her research interests also include developing new LCA methodology, such as incorporating biogeochemical and biophysical factors into life cycle impact assessment.

She has a Doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University, following which she completed her post-doctoral training at the University of Virginia and Clemson University. In her previous position, she was the Deputy Director of Research at the Institute for Sustainability at Clemson University.

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