Paramveer Singh

New Mexico State University

Paramveer is a PhD student at NMSU, working with Dr. Sangu Angadi at the Agricultural Science Center, Clovis, NM. He completed his Master's degree at NMSU. His overall goal for his Master's and PhD’s research is to address the water scarcity problem that threatens agricultural production and its associated economic and social aspects in the Southern High Plains. In his Master's degree, he looked at the response of winter canola (a potential alternative crop for the region) to different irrigation strategies. Currently, he is exploring the potential benefits of bringing native perennial grasses as circular buffer strips into irrigated agriculture systems. He serves as an SBAR graduate fellow, working with Tracy Mikesell (Mesilla Valley Leadership Academy Middle School), and feels that the program is a great way to attract young students toward agriculture and associated sciences and also to make them aware of current and future challenges we may face.