Brian Treftz

New Mexico State University

  • New Mexico State University

Brian is a graduate researcher and SBAR Fellow with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) focused in Chemical and Materials Engineering from New Mexico State University. Brian is an experienced Laboratory Assistant with a demonstrated history of working with thermochemical processing methods of biomass to be converted to fuel. He is skilled in Aspen Plus, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, Reaction Kinetics, Transport Phenomena, and Heat Transfer. Brian’s current research and thesis topic involves the characterization of guayule bagasse to determine its feasibility as a suitable biofuels feedstock. As well as doing research, Brian is an SBAR Graduate Fellow. As a fellow he is responsible for working with a middle school science teacher to develop experiments, activities, and demonstrations for her students. Education and outreach is an important part of the SBAR initiative and one that Brian is very excited to be a part of. He loves to golf, swim, and participate in intellectually stimulating conversations.