Alix Rogstad

University of Arizona

  • University of Arizona

Alix Rogstad serves as the Director of Operations for SBAR, handling all aspects of project-related administration, financial management, and business affairs. Alix brings a demonstrated history of working in government management and administration to the SBAR Team. She is skilled in strategic planning and leadership; funding acquisition and budget management; partnership development; building sustainable programs; natural resource management; and conservation issues.

Prior to SBAR, she was the Urban & Community Forestry Program Lead for Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management, where she worked directly with partners to build healthy and sustainable communities by promoting urban forestry awareness and by fostering local action. She has also worked as an Arizona Cooperative Extension Agent (facilitating wildfire education, prevention, mitigation, and rehabilitation); and as an independent consultant throughout the Western United States, in Bavaria Germany, and in the Republic of Ireland on a variety of natural resource management issues including: forest management, wildlife biology, rangeland inventory and monitoring, invasive species management, and land rehabilitation following tactical military training maneuvers. Alix holds a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University and a MS in Rangeland and Forest Management from the University of Arizona. Alix has a keen interest in broad-scale land management challenges and she enjoys working directly with people to devise new solutions to emerging natural resource issues.