Ali Yaylali

University of Arizona

Ali Yaylali is a PhD student in Language, Reading, and Culture Program. He taught ESL in Arizona's schools as a certified teacher for many years. He is very interested in English language development in culturally diverse science classrooms and literacy skills conducive to the mastery of science concepts. He is studying ways and methodologies to investigate the values, knowledge structures, and language of science that English Language Learners (ELLs) need to master in high school settings. He considers writing an important literacy skill that allows learners to revise, clarify, and communicate their thinking and construct knowledge. Therefore, he focuses on writing tasks in science classrooms that helps ELLs build science knowledge and develop language and literacy skills. Discourse, ethnography, corpus linguistics, and second language writing are the fields he would like to specialize in to conduct his future research. As a SBAR fellow, he is very excited to introduce environmental themes in science classrooms.

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