Ali Yaylali

University of Arizona

Ali Yaylali is a PhD student in Language, Reading, and Culture Program. He taught ESL in Arizona's public schools and literacy organizations for nine years. He is very interested in literacy skills in science classrooms and multilingual students’ learning of science and scientific language. Specifically, he is studying how multilingual students’ scientific writing ability develops during high school years. He is studying ways and methodologies to investigate the values, epistemologies, knowledge structures, and language of science that English learners/bilingual students need to master. He considers writing an important literacy skill that allows science learners to revise, clarify, and communicate their thinking and concept knowledge. The SBAR project allowed for engagement in science discussions and provided an opportunity to connect with high school learners. SBAR project also contributed to biology students’ understanding of how environmental matters and issues can be addressed through biological concepts. In addition, students developed their interdisciplinary skills to apply biological concepts into problem solving in the Southwest’s arid environments. As a SBAR graduate fellow, he is very excited to introduce environmental science themes and science literacy skills in secondary classrooms.

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