Book - Publications

SBAR has produced a number of resources in a variety of formats that are available to answer questions or provide information related to biofuels, sustainable bio-economy in the Southwest, guayule and guar production, and other topics. All materials are available for free download and use.

Journal Articles – A collated list of the academic publications from all aspects of SBAR. Articles are organized by author.

Fact Sheets and Brochures – View and download SBAR fact sheets and informational cards and brochures covering a wide variety of topics.

Posters and Presentations – A collection of the posters and presentations provided through SBAR’s implementation, organized by author.

Videos and Webinars – View the recordings and videos of SBAR research and instruction.

Curriculum and Lesson Plans – Bioenergy activities and lesson plans for middle and high school students and educators.

Accomplishment Reports – A listing of the annual accomplishment reports documenting project implementation.