4-H Biofuel Summer Camp

4-H Group 6 in lab

The SBAR 4-H Biofuel Summer Camp is a 5-day summer experience of a lifetime that will give participants an introduction to biofuels and related STEM careers, while they conduct fun experiments in a laboratory at the University of Arizona.

SBAR 4-H Biofuel Summer camp welcomes applications from all students. Because they are underrepresented in STEM, students who meet one or more of these criteria are especially encouraged to apply:

  • are of ethnic minority backgrounds (Hispanic, Native American, African American),
  • are first-generation college, and/or
  • are economically disadvantaged.


  • Participants will reside on campus at the University of Arizona in a female/male dormitory for 5 days (4 nights) from June 3rd-7th, 2019 with adult supervision.
  • Participants will be supervised by 4-H staff, undergraduate students, and faculty.
  • The application fee will be $250/participant, if accepted (need-based scholarship available for qualified applicants), this includes costs such as dorm, food, and materials required for experiments.


  • COLLABORATE: Participants will work on individual and team-based activities inside and outside of the laboratory.
  • LEARN: Participants will attend laboratory activities on a daily basis where they will be introduced to biofuels and perform fun and safe experiments that will lead to a better understanding of the topic. They will have an opportunity to be a scientist in a real-life laboratory and be introduced to innovative STEM careers.
  • LEADERSHIP: Participants will participate in evening content that will include 4-H activities to develop leadership and team-building skills. All evening activities will be supervised and led by experienced 4-H adult volunteers.

Application Checklist

  1. Rising 6th-9th grade student
  2. Enrolled in school (2019-2020 school years)
  3. Completed and signed application due April 29, 2019. (Application may be completed and emailed or sent by mail)

PDF icon4-H Summer Camp Application

For more information about the program please contact: Daniela Cabrera (danielacabrera@email.arizona.edu)